Forever Tattoo

Asheville, NC 28801


Forever Tattoo and Piercing, established in 1997, is the premier tattoo and piercing destination in Asheville, North Carolina located at 98 N. Lexington Ave.  Forever Tattoo specializes in custom tattoos, modern piercings and gallery art. 

Our work is world-class and so are our customers. 

Rob Hunt


Rob Hunt began tattooing in North Carolina in 1994. Today Rob owns and operates Forever Tattoo established 1997 in Asheville, North Carolina.                                                                                                  

Specializing in color, black and grey, traditional Japanese, and also well-versed in full custom tattooing in every style. He is a designer and an accomplished fine arts painter as well. Inspired by tattoo art in all forms, Rob has worked with many artist throughout his career. Hunt began as a street artist in Atlanta in the early 1990s and things just took off from there.                                                                                              

While living in Atlanta, he wanted to return back to NC to further develop as an artist in the state he was originally from. Prior to opening Forever Tattoo, Rob worked at Skin Art by Randy and Immortal Images in the Charlotte area. Hunt made his return to the great state of North Carolina and made his mark as well.    

For info on making an appointment with Rob it is best to call the shop or send e-mail...                                                instagram @ Doink23